Regular dental examinations are vital for your oral health. After an examination, we will provide a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.


A tooth restoration involves placing a filling into a prepared tooth cavity.We will choose from a variety of filling options based on the type and location of the filling.


Tooth extraction involves having one or more teeth completely removed from your mouth.Can be caused by Gum Disease, Tooth Decay, Overcrowding...


A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures can be complete or partial and can be Acrylic or Metal depending on requirements


A crown is a dental restoration which completely caps a tooth. Crowns are often needed for cavities or when a tooth has broken.


Endodontic is concerned primarily with the roots and soft matter below the tooth. Root canals are required when the pulpy portion of the tooth in the roots become diseased.